Kids are extraordinarily choosy when it comes to food and this is the reason that they quite often throw temper tantrums for their eating habits. It is very important that as a parent, you ensure that your young ones are undergoing a healthy lifestyle and everything right from their food to exercise is beneficial for them.

Children are usually very active (some are hyperactive) and it is very important to control and utilize their energy. The best way to ensure that they are have a healthy living routine is by making them physically active to promote their growth and development. If your child plays every day for minimum an hour, that is also sufficient. Make sure that you provide them a complete balanced diet to help them recover and grow. For this you can try the following tips:

•    Make your child drink milk and have other rich source of protein and calcium every day. You can opt for plant proteins such as soy if your child is allergic.

•    Make sure your little one is regular with the breakfast that must include a balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat. Also, give him/her a variety on alternate days to avoid monotony.

•    Teach them good eating habits and ensure that they don’t indulge in junk food snacks and unhealthy fats or sugar.

•    Let them drink plenty of water throughout the day to quench thirst and avoid giving them sugar drinks or aerated sodas.