Insomnia is a condition when you are unable to sleep through the night. Everyone experiences such a situation. When this condition continuous for weeks, it is considered to be acute case of insomnia and becomes a medical disorder. Factors that contribute to insomnia are a stressful hectic lifestyle, depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders.
Having difficulty falling asleep or remaining able to stay asleep is insomnia, and will happen to most men and women at times. Nevertheless, frequent sleeplessness that occurs three or more times every week will finally cause problems with both physical as well as mental health.
There is no need for anyone to continue to endure this likely draining condition, as there are several approaches to help overcome insomnia.
Information for Ayurved treatment and home remedies for Insomnia
Meditation, relaxation exercises, regular sleep, outings with the family and friends, changes in lifestyle and a healthy balanced diet  with  ayurvedic  treatment for  insomnia are some of the ways described to be an effective way of combating this condition. Insomnia treatment in Ayurveda is widely popular.
With ayurvedic treatment for insomnia, it is treated not for its symptoms but it aims to correct the imbalances within the human body, which are the main cause of this disorder. There are various herbs available, which are very effective because of their sedative properties and also have a nourishing effect on the nervous system. Each herb has a different effect on the individual constitution of a person; hence a qualified Ayurvedacharya can determine the specific herbs for different conditions and constitutions.