Having a life without electricity and gadgets is impossible. Many people will tell you that they can live without electricity, but this is just a lie. But, according to several studies, light affects on our health and our sleep. This is even more severe if we know that sleep is linked to our health. In fact, it is very important for it. Since inventing the electricity, 125 years ago, our lives have been completely changed. Our predecessors led their lives based on day and night, but we can have a day in the middle of the night, thanks to the light.
 Light affects on our circadian rhythms. They are crucial for hormone regulations, digestion and many other processes. Sleep-drive is another process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Artificial light and electronic gadgets affect on both systems. This means that we change or sleep cycle. Also, during the night (when there is no light) our melatonin levels are increased. However, they are reduced in the morning, before we wake up. When we are exposed to the artificial light, the levels of melatonin cannot be increased.
In essence, this means that we will have poor sleep if we are exposed to the artificial light during the night or the time when we should sleep. Poor sleep is linked to many health issues. For example, people who have poor sleep, have a higher risk of developing depression, anxiety and mood changes. However, the situation is even more severe for our body. It can cause poor immune and endocrine function. In order to avoid this, we must reduce the exposure to the artificial light and electronic devices.