Teachers are generally asked to motivate their students for studies and make them realize the importance of motivation in their life and harmful effects of being de-motivated. However, have you ever realized how difficult this task is for Teachers? Most of the Teachers are themselves not satisfied with their jobs due to different personal reasons. But it is prime responsibility of school to keep its Teachers, staff members and other working staff motivated and self-satisfied. Generally Teacher are seen active and most energetic throughout school time, but the real story is different and they are also badly in need of a motivator. Some reasons why teachers are not motivated can be dissatisfaction with the management policies or procedures. Teachers have no diversity in their daily routine. They teach same subject to same students living a monotonous life every day .Some Teachers think that they are stuck in the job and there is no hope for progress .This results in lack of interest in their subject area giving dissatisfaction from the job. This will have a negative impact on school performance. She will not concentrate much on subject and students as the job will be done half-heartedly. Sometimes, they eject their frustration on students which affects school’s reputation. School Management can plan certain things for teachers which can make their work interesting and help them regain their motivation level by introducing interactive training programs, annual holidays, recreational activities for Teachers, rewarding them for their work, etc.