It is true that motivation plays a great role in any organization and helps the workers of the company enhance the efficiency and productivity. It is crucial to note that motivation directly influences quality of life and it can strengthen the bottom line of an organization. It is the aim of every manager or employer to know and make sure to keep the employees motivated regardless of the workplace.  By identifying individual factors, managers can keep their workers motivated. This in turn can also influence the understanding, behavior and many other things.

A motivated workforce can certainly play a great role in enhancing the competitive force of any company. Employees that are motivated usually create a better product or service. It can also turn out to be a fertile ground for innovative ideas. Thus, the goal for managers is to understand individual behaviors and evaluate the areas of improvement. Once the employee is motivated at a higher level, the manager can use the appropriate modification plan to help employees stay motivated, as a whole.

In fact, motivation can do more than just making a company run successfully. It is also said that lack of motivation can create pessimism; apathy and can see negative energy around the workforce. This can hamper the growth and development of the company. Just like cancer, if not treated, it can destroy the organization. Hence, the need to address motivation in the workforce is essential and every manager should realize the importance of this.