Experience and knowledge are things we must have in order to have a good life. However, they are very different and for many people hard to get. The explanation why they are hard to get is simple. People usually believe that in order to have these two, they must be special or they must have natural capabilities. In fact, you don’t need anything, you only must have a desire. If you decide to begin with something, you must know that the beginning is the hardest part. You don’t know what are you doing and you don’t know is this a real thing or a mistake. But, the beginning is the most important part as well, because you gain experience and knowledge.

It is a perfectly understandable that in the beginning, you will make many mistakes. You will probably make the same mistake several times. The secret is not to lose your motivation. Beginning is designed for this, for learning. Now you understand why people in serious professions, like doctors, must practice a lot, before they receive their license. However, soon you will start doing things much better. This is possible because you gained experience. Even if you still believe that you don’t know something, it is inside you.

A much harder thing is to decide to begin that to do it. Beginnings are scary and unknown. But, they are not long. The soon you start doing something that can change your life, the sooner you will change it. At the end, you will have all you need to be a happy person.