Having the means to earn a little extra money, especially for backpackers who travel for extended periods of time, could mean an extra few months of travel they can afford. With the advancement of internet based economies such as crowdsourcing work and freelancer portals, finding work on the go is easier than ever if you have the requisite skills and discipline to pull it off. Here are some of the best ways to earn money these days while traveling:

Freelancer portals
There are several such portals that are extremely popular with freelancer the world over, most notably, Elance/Upwork and Freelancer. The kinds of jobs posted range from writing and editing tasks, through secretarial work to even professional consultancy, including legal work, accounting and software programming. People can end up living entirely off their earnings from these jobs as their pay rates improve with their experience and repute. 

Crowdsourcing work
Crowdsourcing work is a relatively new phenomenon, birthed mostly because of the rise of Google and other large search engine companies with a global presence. People can apply for contractual positions as internet or social media assessors, analyzing search engine results for optimizing its functions. 

Work facilitated through Skype
The remarkable popularity, convenience and affordability of Skype has opened up an astonishing array of opportunities in online tutoring and consulting. As long as you have the skills on demand to  be taught and a fairly good internet connection, you can take up such offers and earn a fairly decent amount that help you travel on.

There are other popular options too, though these are broadly the different kinds of work you can do. Try some of these methods and if you're fortunate enough, you might land a relatively long-term assignment that pays enough.