Kuwait is a small country in the Middle East. It has borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The size is 17,820km². The population is 2,418,393 people. The capital city is Kuwait City. You should know that the climate is very hot during the summer and cold and windy during the winter. The best time to visit this country in in the spring.

Citizens of 35 countries may get a visa upon their arrival. In those countries are included: Japan, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, the Vatican City and many others. You should know that citizens of Israel cannot enter into Kuwait. Also, citizens with stamps of Israel cannot enter as well. Citizens of: Bahrain, the United States, the United Kingdom and several more countries do not need a visa. Citizens that do need a visa, can acquire it at Kuwait’s airport. It is valid for 3 months. You also must know that importing alcohol is illegal. 

The best way to travel to this country is by a plane. The main and only airport in the country is Kuwait International Airport. It is well connected with: Geneva., New York, Frankfurt and London. You can travel by a car and a bus, but the temperatures are high, so you should be careful. You can also travel by boat and by train.
The official language is Arabic. It is one of the hardest languages to understand. On the other hand, English is widely spoken. 

The official currency is the Kuwaiti dinar. The exchanging your money may be problematic, but you can use ATMs. You should know that this country isn’t very cheap.