You should know that traveling to this country isn’t recommended, because of civil war in Syria. However, if you must go to this country, you should know that Beirut and surrounding areas are reasonably safe, but you must do research before you go. 

The Republic of Lebanon has borders with Syria and Israel. The capital city is Beirut. The size of this country is 10,452km². The population is 4,424,050 people. The climate is warm. However, the winters are wet.

In order to enter into Lebanon, you need a visa. Citizens of Turkey and Iran will get a free visa that is valid for three months. Citizens of Tunisia, Egypt, Somali and several more countries will get a free visa that is valid for one month. Citizens of other countries can get a free visa (tourist) that is valid for one month. But, you can renew this visa for another month. You must know that citizens of Israel and people with Israel stamp cannot enter into Lebanon.

You can travel to Lebanon by a plane. The main airport is the Beirut International Airport. It is well-connected with other cities in the area and more distant cities. Many foreign airline companies can be found at this airport. It is 5 kilometers from Beirut. You can also travel by a boat and bus. 

The official language is Standard Arabic. But, many people understand English language. So, you won’t have problems in communication.
The official currency is the Lebanese pound. The US Dollar is accepted almost everywhere. You can even pay in US Dollars, and get change in the Lebanese pound.