Being a professional boxer entails a lot of hardship, be it the rigorous training, injuries and rehabilitation, or sapping roadwork. But a complex, but under-appreciated part of a boxer prep for matches is making the class weight in time for the official weigh-in. Here are three simple steps that will enable to make weight in time: 

Reduce intake of carbs
In the week leading up to your fight, reduce the amount of carbs you eat by as much as 40-50%. Do NOT cut out carbs completely, as you'll damage your training regimen running on empty. Avoid anything with sugar, and high carb foods such as breads and rice.  

Regulate water and salt intake
Decreasing the salt in your body gradually will correspondingly reduce your body's water-weight to maintain fluid balance. Increasing the amount of water you drink in the last week will also help dump salt from the body. The gradual reduction is important, as stopping salt intake entirely would also mess with the water reduction. Cut fluid intake entirely if possible, or to a bare minimum on the day before your weigh-in, which might be the final push you need toward your target weight. 

Avoid last minute sweat-outs
Long hours in the sauna or running in a sweat-suit on or near the day of the fight may greatly sap your strength and energy during the fight. Plan your weight loss well in advance and stick to it diligently to keep up your strength and training.

Weight management is one of the tougher aspects of professional boxing, and a real challenge if you're looking to compete in multiple weight classes. Following these simple steps would help you make the right weight well in time for your fights.